The Ultra Resilience Program

Transform your Brain Resilience & Energy and perform at your peak under pressure.  We use the most cutting edge brain resilience program to take our clients from burnout to high brain performance.



Who This Program is For

We work with a large variety of clients who want to enhance their brain resilience & mental performance, overcome fatigue, stress and burnout related issues once and for all by working on a brain level. This program is especially designed for the following:

Professional Burnout
You are a professional and worried about burning out. We work with many founders, physicians, lawyers, executives and finance professionals.

Enhance Performance & Extend Career
You are in a high pressure environment and want to enhance your brain performance under pressure and extend your career.

Sick Leave / Job Change
You have had to stop working, cut back your hours or change jobs due to burnout, stress, sick leave or a stress related chronic health issue.

Brainfog, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Chronic fatigue/ME
You feel overwhelmed, have ‘no reason’ anxiety & brainfog most days or have been told you have Chronic Fatigue/ME or adrenal fatigue & have tried everything to feel better.

This Program Is For You If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms

  • You can't Relax Or 'Switch Off'
  • You get non-restorative sleep
  • Energy Drain symptoms of mental & physical fatigue
  • Need 3 day weekends to recover for next work week
  • Trouble focusing & concentrating
  • Low mood & motivation
  • You feel sluggish & ‘Tired But Wired’
  • Need coffee to feel normal in the morning
  • Get afternoon energy crashes & brainfog
  • Increased cynicism, decreased joy/passion
  • Sense of pressure or anxiety for ‘no good reason’
  • Increasingly more stress related health symptoms that 'don't seem to fit together'

Program Benefits

This program is all about neuro-regulation which means changing how your brain works under stress to:

  • Prevent burnout

    Extend your career and lower your stress levels to feel happier and calmer yet more productive

  • Recover from Burnout

    Beat burnout & Toxic Stress so you can do what you love again

  • Restore healthy deep sleep

    Even if you have long term insomnia or fragmented sleep patterns that leave you feel tired and groggy in the morning.

  • Stop feeling ‘Tired but Wired’

    Beat sluggish yet on edge feelings and feel calm, clear and energized consistently each day, all day without energy crashes or anxiety

  • Enhance Brain resilience

    Recover faster from stressors in high pressure environments

  • Transform your Energy levels

    Boost energy without caffeine and aid recovery from CFS/ME so you can exercise, socialize and live fully again

  • Enhance focus & productivity

    Become more efficient, more effective and rediscover creativity for your professional and business work.



  • Improve meditation

    Get The Meditation Effects of 10 years condensed into weeks so you can the power of a calm, clear mind for happiness, fulfillment and creating a life you want without being held back by dysfunctional brain patterns from chronic brain stress overwhelm.


How The Program Works

This program is based on a 8 week graduated intensive program designed to focus on a total ‘neuro reset’ to deal with difficult symptoms such as persistent fatigue, low mood, anxiety, nonrestorative sleep, brainfog and burnout recovery and take mental performance to the next level.

The 8 week intensive is followed by a maintenance program with live calls with our team to keep you on track and adjust your plan.

We understand how the brain and nervous system work and how to deal with complex health symptoms that all have an underlying neurological and brain basis.

Program Outline

Week 1 - Mindbody Resilience level 1 & Sleep Reset
This week you will start listening to your mindbody training mp3s to reduce brain stress, do a sleep reset protocol to get healthy deep sleep back on track and prepare your brain to start the neurofeedback training

Week 2 - Peak Performer Rhythm Brain Training.
This week you start level 1 brain training, the same neurofeedback protocol used by top professional athletes, surgeons and CEOs to enhance the brain’s ability for focused mental clarity, stabilize brainwave patterns from chronic stress and reset deep sleep cycles.

Week 3 - Ultra Resilience Nutrition & Mindbody Resilience level 2
This week you will be starting your resilience nutrition and supplement program, targeted to your brain based on your brainmap and consultation with Dr. Dani.  You also graduate to the level 2 mindbody training mp3.

Week 4 - Neuromeditation
This week you start the deep state brain training we call neuromeditation, to harness the power of deep ‘twilight’ states in between sleep and wakefulness to restore energy levels, enhance problem solving and creativity and dive into deep transformation out of toxic stress.

Week 5 - Resilience Visualization & Mindbody Resilience level 3
This week you will learn specific vizualization techniques (delivered by mp3) to listen to before your neuromeditation sessions to shift your mindset for work, self and relationships and help break ‘stuck’ mental habits.

Week 6 - Resilience Lifestyle & Emotional Resilience
This week you will learn how to set up your lifestyle, work schedule, daily habits, morning routine and even exercise schedule to enhance energy and resilience and buffer toxic stress and brain burnout and enhance productivity with less hours worked.

Week 7 - Advanced Resilience Brain Training
This week will focus on customized advanced brain training protocols based on your brainmap and your progress so far, and how to further accelerate your brain changes.

Week 8 - Maintenance phase
This is the end of the intensive phase of the program, and now you get to continue your training and tweak it with support from our experts over several months.

What You Get With the Program

  • Neurofeedback Equipment To Keep

    Your own clinical grade EEG neurofeedback training equipment to keep for life (Value $2000).

  • Unlimited neurofeedback training sessions

    The ability to keep training your brain at home with no time and travel costs to clinics (Value $150+ per session, 100 sessions $15,000+)

  • Peak Performer Rythmn Brain Training

    Our level 1 neurofeedback training used by olympic athletes, top surgeons and CEOS to dramatically enhance calm mental clarity, stress tolerance and reset deep sleep.


  • NeuroMeditation Training

    Our level 2 deep-state brain training to restore energy, enhance problem solving & creativity & intuition for deeper transformation & reversing amygdala hijack (fight or flight overdrive).

  • Online Learning Portal

    Access to our best in class online learning portal so you can absorb all the training in your own time without having to pay psychologists and coaches by the hour.


  • Mindbody Resilience Training mp3 Program

    Guided imagery & nervous system control mp3 program based on ancient wisdom updated to fit into a modern hectic schedule, incorporated into the neurofeedback software & as standalone mp3s for your phone (Value = $500)

  • Neuronutritional program

    Brain-based nutrition diet and supplement program to reduce neuro-inflammation, decrease cortisol and brain stress and fuel the brain for optimal neurotransmitter balance and mental performance



  • Coaching Calls & Support Community

    Coaching calls with our experts to guide you and answer questions and a Community support forum 7 days a week (Value = $2000)


The 4 Key Metrics for Brain Resilience

There are 4 key metrics and ‘brain skills’ that we need to become Ultra Resilient.

Cultivating Calm
The ability of the brain and nervous system to return to a calm balanced state and break hyperarousal amygdala ‘hijack’ loops of stress, overwhelm, worry and brain anxiety

Brain Energy
The ability to generate energy, avoid chronic fatigue, brainfog & low energy states, bounce back faster from stresses


Positive Mood
The ability to maintain positive mood balance-avoid and bounce back from brain depression, low motivation and negative thinking states of mind.

Focus & Clarity
The ability to maintain focus, clarity and concentration and avoid procrastination & distraction to be more effective, efficient and organised in the mind.

After we have mapped your brain, we can identify your dysfunctional brain patterns and develop your customized advanced neuofeedback protocols.

Transform Your Brain, Recover from Toxic Stress At Record Speed from Home

Neurofeedback brain training and coaching programs similar to ours range from 10-20K and do not include the equipment costs to keep yourself (another 2-5K normally) for clinical grade equipment that gets powerful results.  In addition to neurofeedback, we are the only program that combines brain training with Integrative Medicine, neuronutrition protocols and supplementation for the most powerful holistic approach to changing brains.

We have made this process simple and effective with expert level trainers to guide you each week  in live calls, as well as our online training program guiding you step by step, week by week and brainmapping is including so we can customize your neurofeedback brainwave training program to get the best results.

Some of our clients want to focus on their personal growth and transformation, overcome a health issue such as chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety or insomnia  while others are want to extend their careers, become more resilient to stress, and perform at their peak consistently even in high pressure occupations and environments.

We Believe in ‘Trackable Transformation’

You will be able to track your progress over the weeks and see your changes as you transform your brain and mind, adjusting the plan as you go based on scales, brain metrics and expert guidance.

There are limitations to how much foods, supplements and one-size fits all meditation alone can create lasting changes when there are brain ‘blockages’-brain patterns creating roadblocks usually not solvable with foods or regular meditation alone.

“Neurofeedback enhanced my ability to multitask, and as a creative professional, I now have the ability to visualize two separate tasks simultaneously. Example being, I can now type an email to one person while having an conversation with another person and the email will be flawless.”

Tony Robbins World Famous Personal Development Speaker

Who Else Uses Neurofeedback?

Everyone from Olympic athletes, world cup soccer champion teams including A/C Milan, golfer Tiger Woods, NFL players to improve their game and recover faster from sports concussions and brain trauma.

Corporate executives and biohackers like David Asprey and world-famous Life Coach Tony Robbins are using neurofeedback to make their brains work better.

Clinical Researchers at Harvard University + UCLA use it, NASA uses neurofeedback to train its astronauts, the US military use it to train their Special Forces and Imperial College of London requires neurofeedback in their music programs.

In 2012 neurofeedback was rated level 1 'best practice' intervention for ADHD by the American Paediatric Association, making it as effective as Ritalin, without any of the side effects.

“Neurofeedback is the #1 most impactful biohack that I have used in my entire life. That’s saying a lot, because I have spent over $300,000 on personal upgrades and hacking my biology.”

David Asprey Biohacker & Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

What is Neurofeedback and How it Works

Neurofeedback is a core component of the Ultra Resilience Program.

Gym Sessions For The Brain

Just like gym workouts and strength training to develop specific muscles, the more your brain is trained towards a new more desirable, more regulated and more flexible state the better you feel and the quicker you can overcome health challenges and enhance peak performer traits

Your brain controls more than your emotional health + psychological health.  It is also the master control switch for all the body systems too such as:

  • balancing hormones
  • healthy digestion,
  • healthy adrenal glands
  • Cardiovascular (heart and lung) health

This is why training the brain with neurofeedback has benefits that go far beyond just the brain and mental functioning. It has lasting benefits for many chronic issues with a strong mindbody or stress related component such as:

  • digestion issues
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chronic lyme
  • Anxiety conditions
  • insomnia
  • body coordination
  • women's health issues like bad periods, mood swings and acne
  • Migraine headaches and chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia