About Ultra Resilience & Dr Dani

About Ultra Resilience

Ultra Resilience is a coaching and training company based in London, UK working with individuals and companies worldwide. We specialise in stress resilience, burnout prevention, burnout recovery, chronic fatigue and health issues related to long term chronic stress.

We use the most advanced resilience approaches and methodologies from the fields of QEEG brain scanning, EEG Neurofeedback brainwave training, Integrative Medicine, Herbal & nutritional medicine, functional medicine, meditation and mindbody medicine.

All our approaches have been developed to address stress, burnout and fatigue from the unique medical background of our CEO and co-founder Dr Dani Gordon.


About Dr Dani

Dr Dani Gordon is a double board certified medical doctor who over the past decade has successfully treated thousands of patients and clients with burnout, chronic fatigue, women’s health and stress related issues.

She is a published researcher,  American board certified in Integrative & Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) since 2012, the worlds leading evidence based natural medicine body, and was one of the first physicians to receive the new board certification in 2017 when Integrative Medicine became the newest US Board Certified mainstream Medical Speciality (ABOIM).

She has studied mindbody medicine at Harvard, yoga and meditation extensively thoughout India and south east asia with traditional teachers, QEEG brain scanning and EEG neurofeedback brainwave training with the top leaders in North America and has been the director of a neurofeedback centre specializing in burnout and stress resilience.

She ran a cannabis medicine complex chronic disease referral practise in Canada were she specialized in the treatment of chronic fatigue and is now considered a leading expert in cannabis medicine, speaking internationally and working as a consultant to some of the first cannabis medicine clinics in the UK and on Harley street.

She has lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Bali and now lives in London, UK.

Dr Dani's Story

“The Ultra Resilience Program is the culmination of everything I have learned from over a decade of working with 1000s of patients and clients. Time and time again I have seen that burnout, chronic fatigue and other chronic health conditions are almost impossible to deal with by focusing solely on single approaches like drugs or diet or supplements or meditation and lifestyle changes.

All of these factors must be addressed together, for an extended period of time to get traction and recover. And the core issue is normally retraining the brain or nervous system’s response to stress, which is the real key but the least addressed.

Neurofeedback brainwave training is the most powerful tool I have found to rewire the brain’s response to stress, help solve complex health problems and even improve mental performance and is a fundamental part of my programs used alongside meditation and mindbody training.

My Background

My journey with Stress Resilience started young, as a ‘Type A’ personality who was a total perfectionist, highly strung and suffering from my own health issues: chronic recurrent sinus infections, bladder infections and bad menstrual cycles.

I started exploring natural medicine and practicing yoga and meditation in my teens to help solve these issues and help manage my ‘no off-switch’ personality.

As a junior doctor / resident I started to explore Mindbody Medicine more deeply and used a form of meditation when I was on call at the hospital to manage stress and function better under severe sleep deprivation conditions, despite me normally being someone who needs a good 9 hours to function!

Me in my first medical practise in Vancouver

My Yoga At Work Study at the University of British Columbia

For my research project as a junior doctor / resident, I ran a Yoga & Meditation at Work program. It had a specialized yoga nidra / relaxation training component and was open to all staff and faculty  in the dept. Of Family Medicine at University of British Columbia.

We had 2 participants who had both been struggling to get pregnant from ‘idiopathic’ infertility ( meaning there was no anatomical reason for the issue) for 2-3 years unsuccessfully.

Both came to the sessions and after 8 weeks got pregnant.  To both of these women this was life changing and something that had not been suggested as a solution to their problems and it got me excited about using mindbody medicine in clinical practice.

The Tissue Box Breathing ‘Secret’

When I started out in practice I was confronted with an epidemic of people suffering terribly from anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue and basically ‘tired but wired’ nervous systems that didn’t have a drug answer.

So I started using breathing techniques and meditation in my practice to help my patients when western medicine approaches were failing them.

If one of my patients came in to see me anxious and overwhelmed, I would have them lie down on the exam table with a pillow, put a tissue box on their belly, teach them how to belly breathe by moving the box up and down, dimming the lights and letting them breathe into a relaxed, calm state for a few minutes while I saw another patient.

By the time I would come back to them, it was a huge change in the way they felt and was the first time a medical doctor had given them anything but a pill for their anxiety, a practice although well meaning which would often lead to many patients becoming dependent on benzodiazepine medications with lots of side effects.

This technique was one of my ‘secrets’ to making people feel a bit better when they came in feeling distressed and almost instantly feeling more in control of their anxiety.

IBS and the Brain Gut Connection

IBS and digestive issues were another huge issue that pills were not solving well for my patients, so I used my integrative medicine training to develop a treatment protocol that included zero drugs.

It was based around foods, supplements (which alone worked for about 30-40% of people with IBS when done correctly) and a research based gut-directed hypnotherapy protocol with the help of my husband who had retrained as clinical hypnotherapist after leaving the British Army.

The brain gut and stress connection with IBS was the big thing that no one was addressing and the patients and clients who went through the program went into remission for the first time in years after failing pretty much everything else.

Presenting at the Lululemon Sweatlife Wellness Festival in London

India Breathwork Sessions on the Ganges

After being in clinical practice for some time in a group practice and feeling I wanted to take the next step both personally and professionally, I decided to take my studies back to Asia next, and this time to India.

My husband and I spent 6 months in rural India living at ashrams and with traditional Ayurvedic medicine healers, yogic monks and teachers studying meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.

We studied with a famous local guru in his 90’s who had taught most of the major teachers in Rishikesh, the ‘world capital of yoga’ and a pranayama guru where 3:30 am breathwork sessions started the day.

I deepened my personal practice and discovered the power of breathwork, which I brought back to my medical practice.

Me studying in India, on Rishikesh bridge

Meditation Takes Too Long

By this stage in my career, I was familiar with most of the different western and eastern mindbody practices, especially those which were supported by research evidence.

But one of the problems I was coming up against in my Integrative Medicine practice was that  mindbody approaches such as MBSR, meditation and relaxation training take many weeks and months of consistent daily practice to yield results for mild-moderate stress and anxiety conditions and even longer for patients suffering from more severe brain burnout and chronic fatigue conditions.

Many were simply unable to stick with the practises long enough to see the changes they wanted or found they regressed when they stopped.

Added to that, I had many patients in my practice who considered themselves advanced meditators but they still couldn’t get improvement on their symptoms like depression, anxiety or the crushing fatigue that plagued them most days.  It was really frustrating as they were ‘doing everything right’.

With my chronic fatigue and ME patients, even those who followed a very rigorous supplement and food protocol religiously tended to get some improvement then reach a plateau and  become disheartened, especially considering the very strict food and expensive supplements they were doing.

I was looking for a more powerful tool that dealt with some of these limitations.

Brain scanning clients at Bali Spirit Festival

Discovering Neurofeedback Brainwave Training

I went to a medical conference in the US and discovered something called QEEG brainmapping and neurofeedback through one of the keynote speakers, a leading US paediatric psychiatrist. This approach had countless research studies supporting it, was used by NASA and top sports teams like AC Milan and was recommended by the American Paediatric Society.

I was intrigued and did a trial at the conference on myself and my husband and was amazed by the results.

The QEEG brainmapping / scanning could read the brainwaves and tell you exactly what was going on with a person to explain their symptoms, then with neurofeedback you could train the brainwaves and change the brain and have those changes ‘stick’ the more sessions you trained.

Neurofeedback, or EEG brain biofeedback was a direct way of assessing dysfunctional brain patterns and then ‘rewiring’ them using real-time audio and visual feedback.  It was like a personalized ‘meditation on steriods’ but condensed into weeks vs. years of ‘guesswork.’

I used it myself and so did my husband and I found it took the depth of my sleep to a whole new level and gave me more energy and mental clarity while he found the best tool for managing his ADD tendencies and avoiding stress overwhelm.  We were hooked.

The results with our clients spoke for themselves. People had more energy yet felt calmer and less ‘foggy.’  Some were able to beat their depression after having to stop multiple antidepressant medications due to side effects.

Me presenting at the American Academy Of Integrative Medicine annual conference in San Diego

Me and fellow conference presenter Dr Sara Gottfried MD

‘The Silver Bullet’

I had found the closest thing to a ‘Silver Bullet’ that could accomplish in a fraction of the time, with long lasting results, what meditation alone could not in many people.

The majority of neurofeedback practitioners focused on ADHD in children, but that was not where my patient population or clinical interests lay.

My interests were in treating problems ranging from depression, anxiety and insomnia to chronic fatigue, burnout and toxic stress. All these issues are related to nervous system overwhelm and neurofeedback is the hands-down best tool for neuroregulation across many different symptoms for this reason. It works on the brain core issues.

I starting taking courses, seminars and found a top mentor in the field and I became a neurofeedback practitioner specialising in burnout, chronic fatigue recovery and stress resilience.

Founding Zen Brain Lab Bali

I decided to start a company combining neurofeedback in a very specific way with my knowledge of mindbody medicine, nutritional medicine and integrative approaches as a single system.

We developed a specific form of neurofeedback specifically for burnout and stress resilience we called ‘neuromeditation’ by combining specific neurofeedback protocols with the most effective mindbody techniques we had discovered from our decade of study and experience.

We developed a program adding the best herbal medicine, nutrition medicine, lifestyle and productivity training that we had learned along the way.

By this time I also had a position in a cannabis medicine telemedicine clinic as a complex care integrative medicine specialist so we were able to travel. We moved to Bali so we could ‘self-fund’ our company and hired a team to start working on our own hardware and software.

We called our company and our wellness centre in Bali Zen Brain Lab. It was there over 4 years that we brainmapped hundreds of people, identifying specific low resilience brainwave signatures and developing a  program to address these signatures, the program that would ultimately become Ultra Resilience.

The clients who came to our centre for our neurofeedback intensives with our program included burnt out silicon valley Tech Founders, people with chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and insomnia, toxic stress and women's health issues who saw dramatic results in energy levels, mental performance and happiness.

Our wellness centre in Bali training clients

Our team member Laili greeting clients at reception

My Dengue Fever Scare- Dealing with Fatigue & Brainfog

In 2015 while in Bali, I developed a very severe case of dengue fever (mosquito illness) and had to be hospitalized because it was the second time I had had it.

Many people never fully recover from a second dengue fever and have lasting chronic fatigue and disability, as viral infections are sometimes the initial trigger for chronic fatigue.

I was fortunate to be able to use all my tools and aggressively trained myself with neurofeedback to restore myself to full health and peak mental functioning 2 months after my hospitalization and then was able to help a few other people in Bali recover from Dengue similarly.

The Beginnings of the Ultra Resilience Program

One of the limitations with our programs in Bali was that people had to travel huge distances to come on retreat for the program and the best results were seen after more than 2 weeks of training, longer than most people were able to stay away.

In 2017 we launched our full home program with home training, coaching, nutritional medicine and the full toolkit we had been using successfully with clients on retreat.

Our clients were now able to train unlimited neurofeedback sessions, from the comfort of their own homes and now were able to train their stress resilience beyond their problems.

Our clients kept using the equipment once recovered to get even sharper focus, better sleep and many said they just no longer felt affected adversely by stress in the same way.

They had dramatically enhanced their resilience level even under intense pressures from work and life so they no longer had to ‘hide’ from stress and feel isolated stuck at home.

They were going from ‘Burnout to high brain performance.’

Moving To London

As our Zen Brain Lab client base started to grow, we developed a reputation for being experts in burnout and stress resilience and realised we needed to relocate our head office back to a western city where we could reach more people and where burnout is prevalent.

We chose London as our destination where my husband is originally from, where already had  friends and family and loved the city.

Zen Brain Lab became Ultra Resilience in 2018.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you overcome burnout, fatigue and toxic stress so you can thrive in modern life and live your best life.

Our clients have been able to do this without giving up on modern life and you can too.